Mount Hood Rideshare Site

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Mount Hood Rideshare Site

It will be the only rideshare site specifically serving the skiers and riders of Mt. Hood Meadows, Timberline, and Ski Bowl.

UPDATE 12/25/11: The Mt. Hood Rideshare website is up and running: Here’s a blog post about the new Mt. Hood Rideshare.

I’m beginning work on a rideshare/carpooling site to the Mt. Hood ski and snowboard resorts. It will serve Mt. Hood Meadows, Ski Bowl, and Timberline. Users will be able to offer rides, request rides, respond to ride posts in a forums format, and private message users to arrange rides. The planned launch date is Christmas Eve, 2011.

I’m really excited about the site, both because as a car-less person I am looking forward to be able to find rides more easily. I’m also really psyched because I think it offers something that doesn’t exist right now. People love rideshare because it helps the environment, saves on money and gas, and is a great social experience, especially with fellow skiers and riders. Craigslist is the best thing we rideshare-enthusiasts have, but it’s hard to use, and even though it’s local, it’s not Mt. Hood specific.

Current Rideshare Options to Mt. Hood

Currently, I’ve been able to find at least 6 somewhat useful different places that people try to coordinate rides to Mt. Hood. The people trying to coordinate rides are fragmented. The Mount Hood-specific Rideshare site will bring everyone together.

Portland Powderhounds on or one of these Facebook groups:
Mt. Hood Rideshare Facebook Group 1
Mt. Hood Rideshare Facebook Group 2
Mt. Hood Rideshare Facebook Group 3
Mt. Hood Rideshare Facebook Group 4

Then there are the more “official” rideshare sites that seem even more difficult to use.

RideJoy – I’ve looked a couple times and found zero rides from Portland to Mt. Hood for any date.

Carpool Match NW – This site is listed on the Mount Hood Meadows Transportation page, and is even sponsored by Trimet. I doubt a single person uses it though, because you have to register to even see what rides are available. That’s why when I contacted Mount Hood Meadows, even though they post the CarpoolNW link, they said they’d be thinking about creating a rideshare site for a long time but just hadn’t gotten around to it.

Happy riding!

Rideshare to Timberline!

Rideshare to SkiBowl!

Rideshare to Mt. Hood Meadows!