How to Edit MP3 Song Information (ID3 tag info) via iTunes

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How to Edit MP3 Song Information (ID3 tag info) via iTunes

While working on the website for singer/songwriter Jackie Morning, we needed to make albums available for download on the site. To update all the album tracks with the proper ID3 tag info (Album Name, Track Number, Artist Name, etc.).

The official titles of the song, and order of the songs on the album, is data that is stored with the song file itself. You can edit that info via iTunes.

Get to the edit song info screen in iTunes by right clicking (or Control + Click on a Mac) and selecting "Get Info".

Here’s how to edit the MP3 song information (also called ID3 tag info):

1. Drag the songs into iTunes

Edit Album Info
2. Find the songs in iTunes, select all songs on the album
3. Right click (or Control + Click) and select “Get Info”
4. Edit the fields for Artist, Year, Album Artist, and Album only.
5. Click OK to save.

Edit Song Info
6. Now select one song at a time go to “Get Info” for each song. Edit the “Name” field for the track title, and the Track Number field (ex. 1 of 3), and click OK to save.
7. Do that for each song.

Find album folder in iTunes library
8. On a Mac, go to Macintosh HD > Users > [your username] > Music > iTunes > iTunes music > [Artist Name]
9. Then Copy the entire Album folder and paste it somewhere else
10. Now you can Compress it, and send it to whomever (or upload it to the website for download). When people download it and play it on their computer/iPod, all songs will come up in the proper order with the proper Album Name.

11. To add Album Artwork, select all songs in the Album, Click “Get Info”, and Check the “Album Artwork” box, and Double Click the box to browse to the image on your computer. Just make sure the album artwork is square! Here’s a longer explanation of adding artwork via iTunes.

If editing the song info isn't working properly, try Translating Text Characters. Access this screen by Right Clicking (Control + Click on a Mac) and choosing "Convert ID3 Tags"

Note: If editing the fields isn’t working, or it’s acting funky, try selecting all the songs, Right Clicking (or Control + Click), and going to “Convert ID3 Tags”. Then choose Translate text Characters > ASCII to ISO Latin-1. Click OK. This fixed the challenge I was having.