How to Edit MP3 Song Information (ID3 tag info) via iTunes

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While working on the website for singer/songwriter Jackie Morning, we needed to make albums available for download on the site. To update all the album tracks with the proper ID3 tag info (Album Name, Track Number, Artist Name, etc.). The official titles of the song, and order of the songs on the album, is data that is stored with the song file itself. You can edit that info via iTunes. Here’s how to edit the MP3 song information (also called ID3 tag info): 1. Drag the songs into iTunes Edit Album Info 2. Find the songs in iTunes, select...

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Website Launch: The Second Look

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The Second Look, a new consignment furniture store in Westlake, Ohio, recently launched their website: The Second Look offers gently used furniture and home furnishings at great prices. The Second Look website was built by Internet a la Carte. It has a quick upload feature for posting new furniture items for sale. Owners Jon and Sally will use their iPad to snap a photo of select new items, and publish the item directly to their website. The item will also appear on their Facebook business page automatically, without...

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ABLE Bodies Website Launched

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Sue Scott, author of ABLE Bodies Balance Training, launched the new ABLE Bodies website today! Built by Internet a la Carte, the ABLE Bodies website just scratches the surface of Sue Scott’s vast knowledge of balance training exercises and fitness tools for aging adults and those with Parkinson’s disease. The website contains dozens of articles, a list of workshops for seniors and health professionals, and exercises for seniors complete with images and instructions. To get all the exercises, though, you’ll have to buy the...

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Bouncy Earth with Jquery

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Check out this bouncy Earth using Jquery. It is created using Raxan’s bouncing ball code. After playing around with this, I think video game designers will be the next web design rock stars. WARNING: Setting the restitution at 1.2 or higher on the Bouncy Earth Demo can have disastrous consequences for the future of our planet. View...

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Recurring Ride Feature added to Mt. Hood Rideshare carpooling website

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Today I added the ability to post recurring rides on Mt. Hood Rideshare. If you’re heading up to go riding at Meadows, Skibowl, or Timberline on the regular and you want to carpool, whether every Saturday or every Tuesday, this feature is for you. This feature is also helpful for employees at the ski mountains. I work as a ski instructor at Meadows, so as a carless individual ready to throw down for gas, I need rides from Portland every Saturday and Sunday through mid-March. So, yeah, I’m going to go post that right...

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NEW: Mt. Hood Rideshare website for carpooling to Meadows, Timberline and Skibowl

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Christmas 2012: Mt. Hood skiers and snowboarders have a new rideshare website for carpooling to Mt. Hood Meadows, Timberline, and Skibowl. Mt. Hood Rideshare is free to use and open to everyone. The goal of the Mt. Hood Rideshare website is to establish a single place to post all ride offers and ride requests to Mt. Hood Meadows, Timberline, and Skibowl. Currently, there are many places online for organizing carpools to Mt. Hood, some active and some forgotten. Currently, the most active place to look for rides is a Facebook group called...

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How to Install FancyBox Lightbox on a WordPress Website

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1. Paste this code after the opening tag and before the closing tag in your header.php file. (Just after the lines that start with “” is a good spot.) <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<?php bloginfo('template_directory');?>/fancybox/jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.css" /> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="<?php...

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Website Launch: Custom Fit College Planning

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Website Launch: Custom Fit College Planning

Today, Internet a la Carte launched the website of Custom Fit College Planning. Founded by Rene Manley, Custom Fit College Planning’s goal is to help college applicants present their strongest applications to be admitted to the schools that are best for them. She does everything from transcript review to interview prep, and she does it well. How do we know she has skills? Her own 2 children received a TON of money is grants and scholarships. How much? You’ll have to talk to Rene for her specific achievements. The website can be...

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Internet Explorer… Still?

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While most of the world has moved on to Firefox, Google Chrome, and even Internet Explorer 8 and 9, Internet Explorer 7still plagues us website builders. One of my clients, Noodle Bowl Restaurant in Eugene, contacted me today because their recently launched website was looking funny. Sure enough, they were using IE7, along with 3.5% of Internet users, according to browsers statistics from W3Schools. While not a huge percentage, it’s still significant enough to cause a headache now and again. Luckily, most Internet Explorer issues...

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Site Launch: Noodle Bowl Korean Restaurant

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I’m happy to announce the launch of the Noodle Bowl Restaurant website. Noodle Bowl is a family-owned Korean restaurant in downtown Eugene, OR, serving the best of authentic Korean food at a reasonable price. I was thankful for the opportunity to work on this fun project with Eric Gold, who wrote the website copy. I look forward to working with Eric on future projects.

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